Invited Talks

Ecological Thinking in Early Modern English Drama,” World-Making: Local and Global Imagining in Early Modern Literature. Columbia University. April 2018

The Performativity of Place in Bartholomew Fair,” Ben Jonson: Literary Transactions Across Cultural Environments. Würzburg University. July 2017

Distributed Cognition on the Early Modern Stage,” Literary Studies Symposium. Skidmore College. November 2014

Phenomenology and the Performativity of Space in King Lear,” The Premodern Colloquium. University of Michigan. April 2011

Conference Presentations

Timur the Lame: Marlowe, Disability, and Form,” Eighth International Marlowe Conference. Wittenberg, Germany. July 2018

Timur the Lame: Marlowe, Disability, and the Politics of Form,” Shakespeare Association of America (Seminar: Technology, Philosophy, Performance). Los Angeles, CA. March 2018

John Norden and the Technologies of Emplacement,” Shakespeare Association of America (Seminar: Early Modern Technologies of Space and Place). Atlanta, GA. April 2017

Shifting Ecologies in Bartholomew Fair,” Shakespeare Association of America (Seminar: Ben Jonson in Space). New Orleans, LA. March 2016

Ecological Thinking on the Early Modern English Stage,” Moving Minds: Converting Cognition and Emotion in History. Sydney, Australia. March 2016

Marlowe and the Territoriality of Thought,” Shakespeare Association of America (Seminar: Landscape, Space, and Place in Early Modern Literature). Vancouver, BC. April 2015

Digital Spaces,” THATCamp Southeast 2014. Atlanta, GA. March 2014

The Ecology of Remembrance: Memory, Place, and Affect in Marlowe’s Dido,” Seventh International Marlowe Conference. Staunton, VA. June 2013

Bartholomew Fair and the Performativity of Smithfield,” Shakespeare Association of America (Seminar: Theorizing Repetition). Toronto, ON. March 2013

A Sense of Location: Cartography, Emplacement, and King Lear,” Shakespeare Association of America (Seminar: Shakespeare in Place). Boston, MA. April 2012

The Contemplative Cosmos: Cognition, Extension, and Space in Ficino’s De Amore,” Renaissance Society of America. Washington DC. March 2012

Phenomenology and the Performativity of Space in King Lear,” Renaissance Society of America. Montreal, QC. March 2011

Producing Heaven in the Space of the City,” Chester Cycle 2010. Toronto, ON. May 2010

Cognitive Extension and Early Modern Performance,” Shakespeare Association of America (Seminar: Performance is History: Intertheatricality). Chicago, IL. April 2010

Shakespeare and the Embodiment of the Extended Mind,” The Renaissance Arts of Science and Nature. Ann Arbor, MI. February 2010

Banquo’s Ghost: Extended Interiority in Early Modern England,” Shakespeare Association of America (Seminar: Shakespeare and the Bounded Self). Washington DC. April 2009

Naming Elizabeth in Chronicles, Broadsides, and Folios,” Society for Textual Scholarship. Boston, MA. March 2008